With Abrisud’s high pool enclosures, the sunny days have just got longer and you can take it easy without limits. Set up a microclimate around your pool and enjoy a swimming session with perfect peace of mind.

Curved or angular, aluminium or wood

Go up in the world with the help of the generous dimensions of our high aluminium or wood, curved or angular pool enclosures. Give your house an extra, relaxing room where luxury and comfort reign supreme. Imagine a pleasant living space you can enjoy in perfect safety. Take it easy in a modern cocoon made from high-quality materials.

The low telescopic pool enclosure is the solution for all seasons.

Create an extra wellness area with this high pool enclosure.

Verada spirit, with versatilyty on top

High stand-alone pool enclosures

The high independent pool enclosure is a haven of peace in the middle of the garden. It combines the aesthetics of a veranda with the modularity of a swimming pool cover to make it a living space in its own right. Its interior volume allows you to stay at the edge of the pool when you are not swimming. It is also a suitable solution for those wishing to create a relaxation, sports and fitness area or an outdoor lounge. A stylish, light and modular structure, a piece of micro-architecture in your garden, giving added value to your home!

High wooden stand-alone pool enclosures

The wooden pool cover inspires authenticity, warmth and conviviality. It opens up a new, bright living space that will allow you to create a real cocoon in harmony with your exterior, especially in wooded environments or those using traditional materials such as stones or tiles. The new design of the alu/wood aquahome pool enclosure combines a traditional wooden joinery structure and aluminium openings for a resolutely contemporary line.

The wooden pool enclosure that enhances your outdoor space

High wooden wall curved pool enclosure

Elegant wooden shed, directly connected to the house for a natural style

The wooden pool house turns the pool into a living room in the garden.

Make the link between the house and the pool with this very elegant shelter, directly connected in a perpendicular position.

Extend your home to your pool and enjoy swimming longer

Treat yourself to new horizons thanks to the independent pool enclosure.

A pool enclosure can change your pool into a lounge area in your garden

Aluminium pool veranda

The wall-mounted pool enclosure is directly connected to the house, leaning against it in a parallel position. This configuration is ideal for pools located very close to a building. The modules can be moved effortlessly and without risk of jamming by simply pressing on the upright of the shelter thanks to its patented rail. It is an ideal solution to benefit from direct access to the pool from the house and thus create an extension bathed in light and pleasant to live in. Here you can set up your garden furniture and make the most of your swimming pool.

Wooden pool veranda

The wall-mounted wooden pool enclosure is leaning against a building, for stability and perfect integration into its environment. The wall-mounted high wood shed will allow you to create a living space that is completely integrated into your home. The wooden structure will enhance your property and give it an extra cachet. Its modularity will allow you to live in/out thanks to modules that move effortlessly by simply pressing on the upright of the shelter thanks to its patented rail.

Wooden top pool enclosure

Authentic and sturdy, the high wooden pool cover protects you elegantly.

Durable high pool enclosures

Installing a high pool enclosure means you can swim in an enclosed and protected space, while enjoying your pool practically all the year round. The Qualicoat coated aluminium or wood structures are made to measure so that each module is perfectly proportioned. The side walls and roof are made from anti-UV polycarbonate honeycomb.

You can also opt for single or double-glazed windows. Once your enclosure is installed, the pool water will be warmer and protected from dirt. P rotecting the pool in winter will also be easier. Our high pool enclosures are solid and robust, and can resist bad weather – rain, heat, wind and snow. Abrisud’s high pool enclosures are easy to handle.

You can arrange the modules as you choose to enjoy the weather, a swim and your garden to the full. You can open the glass sheets at the sides or move the entire structure for an ideal interaction between indoors and out. Like all our pool enclosures, they comply with the NF pool safety norms, so you won’t need to set up a barrier around your pool. Due to the generous amount of height inside, these enclosures do require planning permission, but the Abrisud teams can take care of the procedure. The enclosures are fully isolated and create a safe environment inside and out.



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