Pool enclosures

Ultra-discreet, ultra-stylish and ultra-manoeuvrable, our new range of telescopic pool enclosures is designed to adapt to your environment and guarantee unmatched ease of use.

The telescopic enclosure reinvented!

At last, a pool enclosure combining elegance and ease of use. This resolutely contemporary, ultra-stylish and easy to handle enclosure is ideally proportioned. Depending on the model, you can swim under the enclosure with its generous amount of covered space. A chance to enjoy warmer water, a protected environment and a great swim. The enclosure slides to both left and right, so you can access the pool as you prefer. The modules slide smoothly and easily thanks to the exclusive guidance system.

The low telescopic pool enclosure is the solution for all seasons.

The telescopic enclosure reinvented : discret & easy to use

Low telescopic pool enclosure

A telescopic pool enclosure combines elegance and practicality. The enclosure has a resolutely contemporary design, is easy to handle and well proportioned. It comes in a low version for swimming below it or an ultra-low model for maximum discretion. It slides to the right or the left, so you can choose how to access your pool. With our exclusive guidance system, the modules move smoothly and easily, even without rails on the ground. The opening and closing system can be powered by a motor for perfect ease of use.

Telescopic mid-height pool enclosures

The mid-height telescopic enclosure provides a generous bathing area while being protected from the weather. Bright and spacious, the mid-high telescopic enclosure will quickly raise the water temperature in your pool by a few degrees and you will be able to enjoy your pool all year round. Its sturdy reinforced aluminium structure guarantees you a stable, weather-resistant shelter made to last over time. Its uncluttered design allows it to blend elegantly into its outdoor environment.

Telescopic mid-height pool enclosures

The mid-high telescopic pool enclosure is your chance to enjoy a large, covered swimming space while keeping out the bad weather.

Spacious and filled with natural light, the mid-high telescopic pool enclosure will quickly raise the water temperature by a few degrees and you will be able to enjoy your pool all the year round.

At last a telescopic pool enclosure combining both elegance and practicality. Ultra-stylish and easy to use, the made-to-measure modules are perfectly proportioned, with each one sliding under the module above so you can stow it away discreetly at the end of the pool. Your garden will gain in elegance. Our Abrisud telescopic enclosures are available in three heights, ultra low, low and mid-high, but are all under 1.80 m so you won’t need planning permission to install them.

The structure is made from powder-coated Qualicoat aluminium. The anti-UV polycarbonate honeycomb or transparent crystal walls form a roof to shelter your pool from bad weather, limit water evaporation and protect it from dirt. Installing a pool enclosure is a chance to swim in warmer water. The possibility to open and close the telescopic pool enclosure to the left or the right give an easy access to both sides of the pool.

Designed with highly resistant and durable materials, the range of telescopic pool enclosures is built to last. Respecting the NF standard for pool safety, our telescopic pool enclosures are the best asset for a longer swimming period and combine discretion, safety and manoeuvrability.



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