Elegant, easy to use and robust, Abrisud’s roller pool shutters will make your life easier. You can enjoy your pool for longer and cover your pool in winter. While you focus on the essentials, our pool shutters will take care of the rest. Concentrate on the essentials, our models take care of the rest.

Secure swimming pool roller shutters

Ensure the safety of your outdoor space with the many models of Abrisud pool protection. Guarantee your pool’s safety with the wide range of Abrisud pool protection products. In compliance with the NF P90-308 safety norm, our submerged or above-ground roller shutters will protect your above-ground or in-ground pool. Motor-driven, robust, reliable and resistant, our pool shutters guarantee safety in the water and around the terrace.

Enjoy a complete range of contemporary above-ground roller shutters for swimming pools. These safe and resistant shutters provide essential protection for your pool. The attractive and customisable posts or casing for rollers provide attractive results. The Abrisud range of above-ground shutters features a wide range of options. Meeting the NF P90-308 safety standards, they are designed with lasting materials: PVC slats and a stainless-steel roller. Our made-to-measure above-ground pool shutters are adapted to pools of all sizes.

Abrisud’s submerged pool shutter is adapted to all new pools and most existing ones. The shutter rolls up using a stainless-steel roller. It is automatically stored in a concealed cavity at the end of the pool and under the decking for unobtrusive results. The cavity structure is made of stainless steel, the walls separating the cavity from the pool are designed in stainless steel and PVC, and the shutter is covered with exotic wood duckboard.

Aesthetic and pleasant swimming pool protection all year round

Extend your swimming season with the automatic roller shutter for above-ground or submerged pool shutters. Much more than just covers, swimming pool shutters keep the water at the right temperature. Enjoy a warm swimming pool from the first to the last sunny days and create an aesthetically pleasing relaxation area with, in particular, the grating option.

During the low season and all year round, the above-ground or underwater shutters protect your in-ground pool, shell or liner pool, and are discreet. They resist rain, snow and wind year after year for a pool that is as pleasant as ever. Thanks to their motorised roll-up device, the roller shutters are effortless to use: they roll up and down with a simple command for automatic coverage of your pool.

Complying with the NF swimming pool safety standard, the automatic shutters also allow you to save on maintenance costs. No more dead leaves or dirt or impurities in the pool water, an anti-uv protection that limits the consumption of chlorine and cleaning products, the proliferation of algae and the evaporation of water. More robust than a simple tarpaulin, the roller shutter is also an excellent asset for a successful winter storage!



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